We now have a deep financial literacy after-school program for 10th-12th graders - find out more here.

What does it mean to teach kids 22nd-Century skills?

What does it mean to teach kids 22nd-Century skills? An education that prepares for (and shapes!) a beautiful unknown By now, you know that Illuminated Life School is re-imagining many things about how we do education. We’re re-thinking everything from curriculum and discipline to nutrition and community.  Equipping kids with 22nd-Century skills means that we’re Read More

November 2020 Progress Report

November 2020 Progress Report You don’t have to look around too hard to see: In almost every area of our lives together — commerce and economics, science and technology, nutrition and medicine, the ways we understand community, emotional and spiritual evolution, you name it — things are changing at an unprecedented rate.  It can be Read More

How Restorative Justice Makes Better Schools For Everyone

How Restorative Justice Makes Better Schools For Everyone There’s a lot of talk about justice in our country these days. We want to see ourselves as a place where wrongs can be made right.  Even though, in its purest form, “Justice for All” is one of the foundational ideas that was intended to make democracy Read More

October 2020 Progress Report

October 2020 Progress Report We continue to keep the momentum going as we design our school. Here’s what we’ve been up to: *We started our first round of focus groups which is providing feedback to us on all of the components that our Design Collaborative is creating. All of our focus groups include students because Read More

September 2020 Progress Report

Illuminated Life School Organic Gardens

September 2020 Progress Report Many exciting things are coming together — the synchronicities have been astonishing, and I am grateful each day that I get to do this work. Shaking up the status quo is no small task — but we’re doing amazing things together.  So, let’s jump in! Read on for our first monthly Read More

What’s Revolutionary About Us?

What’s Revolutionary About Us? A message from our founder, Heidi DeCoux. Our current school system was designed during the industrial revolution in order to create great factory workers.  And it worked well for that purpose. We put kids in metal desks under fluorescent lighting for 8 hours a day with a bell that rings every Read More