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Open A School OR Convert A School

We essentially work like a franchise system but of course are non-profit.

Illuminated Life School is a model of education. Each school is it’s own independent 501c3 (we are HQ which supports each school) so you can open an Illuminated Life School or convert an existing school to the Illuminated Life School model.

You Have 4 Options:

  1. Open a private school or micro-school using the Illuminated Life School model.
  2. Open a free public charter school using the Illuminated Life School model.
  3. Convert your existing charter school to the Illuminated Life School model.
  4. Convert your existing traditional public school to a free public charter school using the Illuminated Life School model.

We are a non-profit organization that will support you through any of these options.

How The Funding Works

Private schools and micro-schools are funded via tuition and free public charter schools are federally funded. Each charter school gets a specific amount of federal funds for each student enrolled based on the location (which state or US territory and in some cases which district).

In addition to the tuition or federal funds you recieve, we help you supplement your school budget with private funding so that you have all of the funds you need to pay your staff well and provide the comprehensive programming and free meals required to meet the Illuminated Life School standards.

What You Get in the Illuminated Life School Network

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get:

  • Funding and Budget Support
  • Legal support
  • Most of the marketing for your school
  • A customized game plan with action steps on opening your school including checklists, how-to guides, and templates
  • Support with implementation
  • Our world-class curriculum which includes project based learning, personal development, emotional intelligence, racial equity, life skills, career skills, and more.
  • Training and personal development for your faculty
  • An online parent/family portal with on-boarding, training, and communications
  • An online student portal with the curriculum, tools, resources and communications
  • An online faculty portal with the tools, training and resources they need plus access to a special Illuminated Life School “shopping site” where they can order all of the supplies they need such as signage, books, program supplies, and so on
  • Your students will have access to the online/virtual version of Illuminated Life School and can roll into it anytime if needed (this is a tuition based program but it’s affordable and scholarships are available to students when needed)
  • The uniform supplier, online catalog and student ordering system (Puerto Rico schools are required by law to provide uniforms)
  • All of the programming for the optional Saturday Parent Day Program
  • The how-to guides and resources for all of the different programs such as the in-school organic gardening program, the morning program, the after school programming, and so on
  • Vending machines filled with healthy whole-food allergy-free snacks
  • Set up with the Meals In Schools program which provides your students and faculty with free healthy whole-food meals and snacks that are free of all of the major allergens
  • Bathroom vending machines filled with all-natural feminine hygiene products and personal care products

How The Process Works

  1. Fill out the Inquiry Form below to let us know who you are, where you’re located, and which of the four options listed above you are most interested in.
  2. We’ll send you a link to an online application.
  3. After we receive your application we’ll reach out to you to schedule a Discovery Call so that we can answer your questions and help you decide which of the four options is the best choice for you.
  4. If at the end of the Discovery Call we both agree that you’re a great fit to be a founder of an Illuminated Life School, we’ll schedule your First Step Call. On this call we’ll discuss your vision and specific set of circumstances, the timeline and the level of support you’ll need.
  5. After your First Step Call we’ll get to work creating a customized game plan for you which will include a list of action steps.
  6. We’ll support you through the entire process of opening your school, and provide you with ongoing support.


Do I have to be an educator to open or convert a school?

No. You could be a parent, community leader, administrator, or business person and successfully open an Illuminated Life School.

Is there an option to provide online school?

Yes, your students will have access to the online/virtual version of Illuminated Life School for a monthly fee. They can roll into the online school anytime and back into your physical school anytime.

For grades 1-4, the online/virtual version is a guided homeschool program. For grades 5-12 it is a revolutionary online school model (vastly different and more effective then the current online schools).

Interested In Applying?

Great! Tell us more about you and your vision by emailing us at