We now have a deep financial literacy after-school program for 10th-12th graders - find out more here.

How To Enroll Your Child


OUR LONG-TERM VISION: The Illuminated Life School Network serves students from birth to graduation in pod schools, physical schools, and with a virtual/homeschool program. Students have the option to move between a physical school and the online academy, as meets their needs.

WHERE WE’RE STARTING: In Phase 1 we’ll be launching pod schools in Puerto Rico to test our model in a small cost-effective setting. In Phase 2 we’ll be launching a virtual/homeschool program, and expanding our pod school program, and in Phase 3 we’ll launch our first physical school.

Right now, we need your donations! Your donation will enable us to keep our work moving forward towards the launch of our first Pod School. We truly cannot move forward without you! You can donate in just 3 minutes HERE.

To say up-to-date on our new timeline and details as they unfold, sign up to get our progress report HERE.

You can also join the Lottery Waitlist now HERE.

We’re hosting another round of Focus Groups, and families on the waitlist will get priority in being part of the focus group. This will give you an opportunity to review and provide feedback on everything being created for this new revolutionary model of education.



We don’t do any labeling at Illuminated Life School. At our schools, a student is a student. We will of course provide the special assistance your child requires, however, they won’t be labeled or singled out. They’ll be treated as the brilliant superstar they are.

If you have a child with special needs, or are an experienced special needs educator, please consider joining our Tapping Into Brilliance Team which is in charge of getting all Illuminated Life School’s fully equipped to accept ALL kids with all types of special needs and to help them THRIVE.

The Tapping Into Brilliance Team is comprised of paid faculty, volunteers and community leaders. For more details, fill out the short form below.

You get to choose your level of participation, which could be as little as volunteering two hours a month or helping out with an annual or semi-annual fundraiser, or as much as being a full time paid faculty member.

After you submit the form below, you’ll receive information about the Tapping Into Brilliance Team and our current needs, volunteer opportunities and open faculty positions. Thank you for your interest!