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Our New Partnership With World Renowned Brain Coach – Jim Kwik

At Illuminated LIfe School we’ll be preparing kids for jobs that don’t yet exist and to solve our world’s greatest challenges.  To do this we know that showing kids how to learn is even more important than what they’re learning.

Our world is ever changing which is why it’s so it’s important that kids can learn anything at any time, quickly and effectively, and that they develop a thirst for learning and make it a lifelong habit.

We’re thrilled to announce that world renowned brain coach, Jim Kwik, is providing our students with his meta-learning curriculum for kids which is currently available to students in South Korea and getting fantastic results.

If you haven’t yet read his New York Times best selling book – Limitless!

Pictured: Heidi DeCoux and Jim Kwik

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THANK YOU for being a part of this exciting journey. We wake up every day energized and hopeful at the thought of a generation of amazing kids who have been so cared for, so thoughtfully taught, so equipped, and so EMPOWERED that they will have the capacity to beautifully transform the future.