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November 2020 Progress Report

You don’t have to look around too hard to see: In almost every area of our lives together — commerce and economics, science and technology, nutrition and medicine, the ways we understand community, emotional and spiritual evolution, you name it — things are changing at an unprecedented rate. 

It can be overwhelming to try and keep up. 

It’s clear that many of the ways we’ve approached problem-solving in the past cannot keep pace with the needs of the coming months, let alone the coming years, decades, or centuries. The old, cut-and-dried industrial models of creating, producing, and distributing solutions won’t cut it. 

We’re faced with immense problems, immense possibilities … and in many ways, we don’t even know what we don’t know.  

We are being asked to train our minds to notice what we’ve never noticed, and to be able to quickly adapt our thinking, our approaches, and our strategies to meet these incredible challenges. 

So what role does education play in all this? 

How can schools be an integral part of training our kids’ minds to be nimble enough to ride these swift currents of cultural, economic, and technological transformation?  

This is just one of the many questions we are asking — and answering — as we design Illuminated Life schools.

Remember, we’re completely reimagining school from the ground up. The current model of education was built to create dependent lifelong factory workers, which worked great through the second half of the last century. But new times demand new approaches. To make sure we get it right, here’s what we’re working on right now:

  • We’re running focus groups in both English and Spanish across both Puerto Rico and the mainland getting feedback on each element of our school design from kids and families. We’re getting a ton of great feedback and having so much fun connecting with families across the country.  
  • We’ve identified our tech stack and are in the process of setting up all of the technology that’s going to help ensure we’re a highly efficient organization that provides a user-friendly system to our students and families.  
  • We set up our social media accounts.  Please come follow us!



  • We’re in full fundraising mode! As you can imagine, designing education from scratch and opening a physical and a virtual school costs money. We need your support!  Farukh and I will 100% MATCH your donation up to $75K (we increased it from $50K).

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