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School Design Collaborative

The vision for Illuminated Life School is being brought to life by a team of diverse educators and entrepreneurs with a variety of backgrounds and expertise who are utilizing a collaborative design model to ensure equity of voice (expertise and wisdom) in the development of the model.

We approach every element of our school with the mindset that it is possible to create a truly equitable school environment that is bold, energizing, life-affirming, and nourishing for everyone involved.


Khori Whittaker

Team Member

A Black man with 20 years’ experience in K-12 and higher education, Khori’s areas of expertise include: central office administration, board governance and leadership, and organizational health and design.

Jessica Heaton

Team Facilitator

A white woman with 16 years’ experience in secondary education, Jessica’s areas of expertise include: innovative education models, racial equity and school administration.

Celina Martinez

Team Member

A Latina woman with 20 years’ experience in K-12 and higher education, Celina’s areas of expertise include: literacy, special education and bilingual education.


Tracy Myers

Team Member

A multi-racial woman of color with over 16 years’ experience in human services and K-12 education, Tracy’s areas of expertise include: leadership, racial equity and community engagement.

Julene Oxton

Team Member

A white woman with 30+ years’ experience in elementary education, Julene Oxton’s areas of expertise include: emergent math and literacy instruction, school leadership and design, and Service Learning.

Krischanna Roberson

Team Facilitator

A Black woman with over 20 years’ experience in K-12, higher education and business management, Krischanna’s areas of expertise include: race and inclusion, strategic planning and implementation and school board administration.


Heidi DeCoux

Team Member

A white woman with nearly two decades of experience as a successful multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves to shake up the status quo with bright ideas and approaches that allow ALL to live extraordinary lives.