School Design Collaborative

The vision for Illuminated Life School is being brought to life by a team of racially diverse educators, who utilized a collaborative design model to ensure equity of voice (expertise and wisdom) in the development of the model.


Khori Whittaker

Team Member

A Black man with 20 years’ experience in K-12 and higher education, Khori’s areas of expertise include: central office administration, board governance and leadership, and organizational health and design.

Jessica Heaton

Team Facilitator

A white woman with 16 years’ experience in secondary education, Jessica’s areas of expertise include: innovative education models, racial equity and school administration.

Celina Martinez

Team Member

A Latina woman with 20 years’ experience in K-12 and higher education, Celina’s areas of expertise include: literacy, special education and bilingual education.


Tracy Myers

Team Member

A multi-racial woman of color with over 16 years’ experience in human services and K-12 education, Tracy’s areas of expertise include: leadership, racial equity and community engagement.

Julene Oxton

Team Member

A white woman with 30+ years’ experience in elementary education, Julene Oxton’s areas of expertise include: emergent math and literacy instruction, school leadership and design, and Service Learning.

Krischanna Roberson

Team Facilitator

A Black woman with over 20 years’ experience in K-12, higher education and business management, Krischanna’s areas of expertise include: race and inclusion, strategic planning and implementation and school board administration.


Jenniffer Valentin

Team Member

A Puerto Rican woman with 12 years’ experience in elementary education, Jenniffer Valentin’s areas of expertise include: special education, mentoring and bilingual Educational Therapy.