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  • Are prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist
  • Believe and engage in anti-racist leadership to disrupt inequities
  • Build healthy relationships and healthy communities
  • Care for their own mental, emotional and physical well-being
  • Communicate and problem-solve with ease
  • Embrace their unique genius and know how to leverage their strengths
  • Are emotionally intelligent and have strong critical thinking skills
  • Experience financial abundance by knowing how to make, save, protect, spend, borrow, leverage and invest money
  • Launch extraordinary businesses
  • Protect our planet
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Solve our world’s greatest challenges

We’re Physical Schools With a Virtual Presence

The Illuminated Life School Network serves students from birth to graduation in physical schools with a virtual presence. Students have the option to move between a physical school and an online academy, as meets their needs. Follow the links for more information on attending, opening, or converting your school to the Illuminated Life School model of education.

There Are 3 Types Of
Illuminated Life School Schools

studying child



Loving Community | We cultivate a loving, nurturing and nourishing community where all students and families are welcomed and supported, and where our students learn to engage respectfully and generously with each other and the world, developing a spirit of responsibility and commitment to service.

Identity | Our students develop a strong sense of identity, built on the richness of their racial and cultural history and traditions, which fosters in our students the confidence and resilience to fully express their unique genius.

22nd Century Skills | Our students are empowered to forge the future through mastery of the world’s most in-demand skills, including emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, racial consciousness, servant-leadership and more.

Rigorous Inquiry | Our students develop the ability to identify and analyze complex issues and to research and design compelling solutions, a process which will prepare them for excellence in higher learning and every profession (from Entrepreneur, to plumber, to neurosurgeon, to artist, to stay-at-home dad, to President).

Racial Justice | Our students become anti-racist leaders who dismantle systems of oppression and realize racial justice throughout the world. Our schools are anti-racist organizations eradicating institutional racism in education, working in solidarity towards the liberation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.


Everything! The current model of education was designed during the industrial revolution to create good factory workers (put kids in metal desks under fluorescent lighting for 8 hours a day with a bell that rings every 42 minutes, and everyone was happy if at least 65% of students graduated). Our model is designed for the 21st and 22nd century, and our goal is to graduate 100% of students AND prepare them to live an extraordinary life. Scroll through this carousel to learn how.

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