We now have a deep financial literacy after-school program for 10th-12th graders - find out more here.

We Invite Guest Experts In To Be Our Learning Partners

We’re teaming up with leading experts in an array of industries across the world to ensure our students get a truly world-class education.

For example, we’re thrilled that world renowned brain coach, Jim Kwik, is providing our students with his meta-learning curriculum for kids which is currently available to students in South Korea and getting fantastic results.

And Ocean Robbins, the co-founder Food Revolution Network will be providing nutritional curriculum along with James & Laurentine from Food Matters TV.

Dr. Krista Burns, president of the American Posture Institute will be showing our students and families how to eliminate Digital Dementia and many other health issues by improving their posture and how have healthy posture for life.

The renowned herbalist team at Herb Fairies will engage our students and their families with stories, outdoor adventures, and exciting activities that shows them how to make an all natural first-aid kit.

We’re rounding up experts in finance, entrepreneurship, negotiation, sales, and more!

Interested In Becoming a Learning Partner?

If you’re an expert in your field, consider partnering with us. You’ll be required to create at least two pieces of digital curriculum – one for our students and one for our online parent/family portal so that our families can elevate their knowledge alongside their kids. We’ll provide you some formats to choose from.

At the end of the curriculum you create for our online parent/family portal (not for our students), you have the option to do a short soft promotion for your products and services but you must provide an affiliate link so that a portion of all purchases our parents/families make go back to the school to help fund our programs.

To discuss becoming a Learning Partner, please email us at Support@IlluminatedLifeSchool.org.