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Fall 2021 Progress Report

Biggest news first!

Our first Illuminated Life School will be opening in Humacao in August of 2022, and we’re excited to announce that it will be grades K-6! The school will start out small our first year so that we can really get our feet under us and co-create an amazing school experience with our students and their families. 

We plan to double in size in year two (2023) adding grades 7-12, and then in year three (2024) we plan to do a bigger expansion into a new location where we can accommodate over 300 students. Our new location will include a full campus with a sports program and other programs (all of which will be open to homeschoolers and unschoolers as well).  

Thanks to several generous donors, we received the funds necessary to apply for some BIG new grant opportunities here in Puerto Rico. These grant funds will be used to acquire a new building and campus as well as do significant necessary renovations on it so that we can provide a fantastic campus for our students, and for homeschoolers who want to participate in our after-school programming (such as sports, music, and arts).   The recent funding we acquired was enough to hire a full-time fundraiser and grant writers, and to pay for the grant fees and other bureaucratic hoops required to apply for over $2M in grants (we hope to get approximately half the grant money we apply for).

Unfortunately we won’t get any of the grant money for approximately 18-24 months from when our grants are approved — but that money should come in enough time to renovate and upgrade our next building campus. So as we start small in our initial rental location, we’ll have time to get established, test and refine our ideas, and build a thriving, committed community before we expand Illuminated Life School in 2024 to over 300 students. We’ll be releasing more details as things come together — so watch your email!

How you can help

We’re now starting to fundraise for the money required to get our first small school open in August of 2022. We need an additional $150K for the initial build out and open our doors on time. It’s important to note that this $150K does not include the fees we collect for deposits and tuition; it is solely what we need to secure and prepare the site, hire and train staff at least four months before we open, complete our licensing and legal work, and so on.  The $150K is required for us to prepare to open our doors in August of 2022, then deposits and tuition will go towards our monthly operating budget when we open.  We’ll be releasing our budget publically soon so you can see a transparent accounting of where we are and what we need. 

Please donate! We’re a 501c3 non-profit and we are a 1101.01 qualifying act charity (meaning you can give part or all of your Act Donation to us — you can download our qualification letter here).  

There are 4 easy ways to donate: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Stock Transfers, and Check.

You can make a donation in under 3 minutes HERE. 

Also, if you’re excited about our unique mission and believe in what we’re doing — please send this along to friends and family who may be interested in contributing to our mission of revolutionizing K-12 education.

What sets us apart

To find out more about our model of education and why and how it’s revolutionary, check out these two podcasts we were recently featured on.

Education On Fire 
You can listen to the episode here.

The Entrepology Podcast
You can listen to the episode here.

And again — thank you for being a part of this (literally and figuratively!) groundbreaking work. We couldn’t be more grateful! 

P.S.  We’re hiring!

We are hiring a Fundraising Manager – a Champion of Abundance! – to help us secure funding for a spectacular launch in August of 2022 and fast expansion.  If you know someone in Puerto Rico who is available part time to lead this work on our team, please direct them HERE to learn more about the position and apply. 

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