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Important Timeline Update

An important update from our founder, Heidi DeCoux…

“I’ve poured thousands of hours and six figures of my own money into the non-profit I founded, Illuminated Life School, with the goal of bringing into fruition my dream of developing a revolutionary new model of education. A model that’s an open source and becomes the new standard.  

It has been a wild ride, and I’ve learned a LOT. Despite the significant challenges we’ve faced navigating the Puerto Rican government and COVID compounding all of those challenges – I’m more hopeful than ever right now.

When we originally launched in early 2020, we planned to open our first physical school in Humacao, Puerto Rico in fall of 2022, and then a Pod School Program and a Virtual Homeschool Program a few years later. 

We have made the decision to reverse the order and launch our Pod School Program first.

This will allow us to be nimble and jump over all of the red tape while we test out this new revolutionary model of education. We’re excited about this new approach and hopeful it will allow us to serve families more effectively from the outset.

OUR LONG-TERM VISION: The Illuminated Life School Network will serve students from birth to graduation in pod schools, physical schools, and with a virtual/homeschool program. Students have the option to move between a physical school and the online academy, as it meets their needs. 

WHERE WE’RE STARTING: In Phase 1 we’ll be launching pod schools in Puerto Rico to test our model in a small cost-effective setting. In Phase 2 we’ll be launching a virtual/homeschool program, and expanding our pod school program, and in Phase 3 we’ll launch our first physical school. 

Right now, we need your donations! Your donation will enable us to navigate this transition and keep our work moving forward towards our first pod schools. We cannot move forward without you! 

You can donate in just 3 minutes HERE.

We’re a 501c3 charity and an Act 60 qualifying charity.

We believe children deserve a better education, starting in Puerto Rico!

We believe every child is a genius. 

We believe our schools will illuminate their genius.  

You don’t have to look around too hard to see: in almost every area of our lives things are changing at an unprecedented rate. 

It’s clear that many of the ways we’ve approached problem-solving in the past cannot keep pace with the needs of the coming decades, or centuries. The old, cut-and-dried industrial models of creating, producing, and distributing solutions won’t cut it. 

We’re faced with immense problems, immense possibilities … and in many ways, we don’t even know what we don’t know. 

We’re being asked to train our minds to notice what we’ve never noticed, and to be able to quickly adapt our thinking, our approaches, and our strategies to meet these incredible challenges. 

So what role does education play in all this? 

The current model of education was built to create dependent lifelong factory workers. But, new times demand new approaches. We’re completely reimagining school from the ground up. 

We’re preparing our graduates to:

  • Be emotionally intelligent and have strong critical thinking skills
  • Illuminate our world with their unique genius and know how to leverage their strengths
  • Be prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist
  • Launch extraordinary businesses
  • Communicate and problem-solve with ease
  • Build healthy relationships and healthy communities
  • Experience financial abundance by knowing how to make, save, protect, spend, borrow, leverage and invest money
  • Care for their own mental, emotional and physical well-being

Shaking up the status quo is no small task – but together we can do amazing things. 

Right now, we need your donations! Your donation will enable us to launch our Pod School program which will provide full scholarships to Puerto Rican students who are currently lost in an exceptionally dysfunctional public school. Your donation will change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Donate right now HERE (takes 3 minutes).

We’re a 501c3 charity and an Act 60 qualifying charity. You’ll receive your tax deduction letter via email within 8 business days. 

THANK YOU for coming along the journey with me. 


Heidi DeCoux
Founder & President of the Board

P.S. Curious why I’m willing (and happy) to spend so much of my time and money doing this non-profit work, you can read my why here.