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A Note From Our Founder, Heidi DeCoux

Heidi Decoux

I’m wired to see possibility. From the time I was a little kid, I was always noticing how things were and imagining how they could be.

I’m always curious about creative ways to solve a problem or achieve a goal — not the way everyone else is going, but my own way. Efficient solutions are great, but they’ve gotta have beauty and joy, too. And I’ve discovered along the way: the joyful route often is the most efficient, because joy is an energy that propels us forward.

Here’s the deal, though: part of being wired like this is that I notice when things aren’t working the way they should. Because when things aren’t working, that means that lots and lots of people aren’t connecting with their full potential — and in the long run, that hurts all of us.

I’m driven to repair what’s broken. To heal what’s wounded. To bridge what’s been separated. To amplify what’s been silenced or suffocated.

In other words: not only do I want to guide people towards their purpose, I also want to restore institutions and systems that hold people back from living their best lives.

Because we’re in a time where we need all hands on deck. We need bright minds and big spirits and bold ideas to solve the immense challenges we’re facing as a a global community — and we have to do everything we can to clear the way for the most amount of people to be able to live their best lives.

My core belief is… A rising tide lifts all boats.

So how do we raise the tide?  

I believe the fastest way to raise the tide is to revolutionize K-12 education.  We can change our entire world for the better in REALLY big ways, in one generation.  

Imagine a world where every child has all of the life skills they need, and their full potential is illuminated and unleashed. 

​Shaking up the status quo is no small task — but together we can do amazing things. 

Together we can start changing the school system across the planet, starting in Puerto Rico – a beautiful little island that desperately needs a revolution in education.  

Puerto Rico has one of the worst school systems in the world – worse than MANY developing nations.  And change here is extremely difficult.  I could spend hours sharing stories about the bureaucracy, corrupt department of ed, and systematic problems.  

Instead I’m going to share with you how we’re helping solve it.

We’re not taking money from the government because we’re unwilling to play by their rules.  We’re launching self-funded small pod schools that are designed to unleash the genius in every child and equip them to go out and live their best life as happy contributing members of society.  

Right now, we need your donations.  We’re a 501c3 nonprofit and a qualifying Act 60 charity. We’re working on getting a variety of long-term revenue streams to the school including corporate sponsorships.

But right now, we need your donations in order to launch our first pod school next year and to make it accessible to under-resourced Puerto Rican kids, in addition to your kids.  Your donation will provide scholarships to Puerto Rican students who are currently lost in an exceptionally dysfunctional public school.  You can completely change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Make your donation now, HERE (takes just 3 minutes).

THANK YOU for coming along the journey with me. 


Heidi DeCoux
Founder & President of the Board

P.S.  For more details on our mission and the new direction we’re going in, watch my talk here. 🙂