We now have a deep financial literacy after-school program for 10th-12th graders - find out more here.

What We’ve Accomplished + 2023 Plans

To hear the story behind Illuminated Life School, our mission and our three phase plan, watch this 7-minute video.

What We’ve Done So Far

When we first launched our plan was to open a 100-child physical school in Humacao, Puerto Rico (private school with sliding scale tuition – affordable to all students).  We secured an abandoned school building in downtown Humacao through a deal with the mayor’s office where we would lease the building for $1/year for 20 years.  The building needed significant renovations so we hired a grant writing company and applied for several building grants (over $1M worth).  

We hired several consultants to help get our first school open, including part-time administrative, school design and legal consultants. In addition, we hired a diverse School Design Collaborative / Think Tank to create our school Guidebook, Graduate Profile and programming (7 paid people plus Heidi as a volunteer).  

Unfortunately, after nearly two years of work, we realized launching a physical school would not be a reality in the short term.

Between complications with COVID protocols in the school system, corruption in the PR Department of Education, and the Humacao mayor getting arrested by the FBI which resulted in us losing our school building contract… we had to switch gears.

After a thorough assessment, we created a new three phase plan which we’ll begin rolling out in 2023.

Our Plans Starting in 2023

Phase 1:  We’re preparing to launch a free after-school program for under-resourced kids focused on physical, mental & emotional health, and deep financial literacy.  This will allow us to test some of the programming we’ve created and immediately start helping kids.

Once the program is up and running, we’ll package up the curriculum into a digital guidebook and make it available for sale to resourced families. This will provide additional funding for the free program for under-resourced at-risk teens.  

Phase 2:  End of 2023/beginning of 2024, we’ll launch our new free after-school program. We’ll continue to tweak and adjust the program to make it highly effective and duplicatable, and we’ll continue to launch additional cohorts to serve more students.

Phase 3:  Once our after-school program is serving hundreds of students and is highly successful, we’ll start raising funds to launch our first K-5 bilingual Pod School (micro-school), which will have sliding-scale tuition. We’re estimating that this will be in 2026.

Phase 4: We’ll launch more Pod Schools, as well as an online academy and guided homeschool program.  We’ll also launch a mastermind network of schools and families using part or all of our model so that we can all learn from each other and continue to develop the model as a worldwide collective.

UPDATE: Our after-school program is launching NOW!! 
Get the details here.  

How You Can Help

I believe the fastest way to raise the tide is to ensure every child has all of the live skills they need to live their best life.  We can change our entire world for the better in REALLY big ways, in one generation.

Imagine a world where every child has all of the life skills they need, and their full potential is illuminated and unleashed. 

Together, we can start changing the school system across the planet, starting in Puerto Rico – a beautiful little island that desperately needs a revolution in education.  

Puerto Rico has one of the worst school systems in the world – worse than MANY developing nations.  And change here is extremely difficult.  I could spend hours sharing stories about the bureaucracy, corrupt department of ed, and systematic problems. 

Instead I’m going to share with you how we’re helping solve it.

We’re not taking money from the government because we’re unwilling to play by their rules (and got burned badly by the government in PR when we first got started). So, we’re launching free after-school programs that are privately funded. And our pod schools (micro-schools) will also be privately funded. 

Our model of education is designed to unleash the genius in every child and equip them to go out and live their best life as happy contributing members of society.   

Right now, we need your donations.  We’re a 501c3 nonprofit and a qualifying Act 60 charity (and we have the special CECFL designation for eradicating childhood poverty). 

Right now, we need your donations to launch our first after-school program next year and to make it accessible to under-resourced Puerto Rican kids (make it a free program for them).  Your donation will help raise up kids currently lost in an exceptionally dysfunctional public school.  You can completely change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Make your donation now, HERE (takes just 3 minutes).

THANK YOU for coming along the journey with me. 


Heidi DeCoux Founder &
President of the Board

P.S. I’m purely a volunteer, as is most of the team. We have a very lean operating budget (about $10K a year), so the majority of our funds go directly to our programming.